Badge of Honour

So, while talking about the last series of Line of Duty I had an idea for some badges, which I eventually had made up and posted to a couple of friends, including Eddie Robson who took this pic:

badge pic

I also sent some to the series production office, as it seemed only fair:

They seemed to like them. In the replies, quite a few other people would like similar badges.

So, for anyone who wants one, here’s the image I very crudely made up in Paint and Open Office, for you to pop into the design tool of whatever online badge provider you prefer (I used Camaloon, who were very good.):

Hold on there head (2)


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2048: The Grand Budapest Hotel Edition

2016 update: Apparently these stopped working a while ago. Don’t @ me. 

grand-budapest-trailer-635Rather than actually do a ten minute review, I made this Grand Budapest version of the 2048 puzzle game using the UsVsTh3m 2048 maker.

Shut up, I’m ill.

Also, sorry if this is your first exposure to 2048 and I’ve just killed your productivity for the day.

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