I asked Twitter users about their romantic feelings towards a cartoon fox

This blog hasn’t been touched in a while, partially because people don’t blog very much any more, and partially because I’ve been busy with other things, one of which has been writing articles for Hero Collector, mainly features but also the odd listicle. The latest list I’ve been working on is a Top 10 of alternative Robin Hoods, to go up when the Taron Egerton/Jamie Foxx version is released in a couple of weeks. I knew that one I needed to include was the Disney Robin Hood because… well, because he’s an actual fox, which makes him unusual. But I also wanted to touch upon something else I knew, but which I couldn’t speak to myself: that loads of people had a crush of one kind or another on this cartoon fox. As I didn’t know how to approach the topic myself, I decided to ask Twitter for some quotes, possibly anonymous, to throw into my piece.


Now, I knew there were certain risks here, especially in throwing open my DMs, and that I could end up with my notifications on fire, receiving exceptionally lurid material about bin-diving mammals in green hats for the rest of eternity. There was also the possibility that I would get no response whatsoever, always a risk in the world of c1000 followers online micro-fame.

What I actually got – so far, at least – is a lot of intelligent, enthusiastic replies from people – mainly women – happy to go on the record about how the character represents a certain romantic ideal. Far more responses, in fact, than I possibly needed for a short paragraph on one film in a top ten list, especially bearing in mind that this would no doubt all be somewhat beside the point as far as my editor was concerned. So, here I am back on a blog so out of date the profile pic shows me with a full head of hair, so I can share some of the best replies I got, loosely organised. Where replies were public I’ve added twitter links so readers can find like minded souls :

Romantic sentiments

‘Robin Hood the Fox is EVERYTHING a hero should be.’ – Jan Jones, romance novelist.

‘He was so dashing!’ – @WhateverLizzie

‘When Robin said ‘Marian, my darling, I love you more than life itself’ I basically fell in love 😂 What a hero!’ – Amanda Rutter, literary agent and freelance editor.

‘He is quintessentially DREAMY. The voice, the eyes, the charm… *swoons*’ – Helen B

‘ I think it was something about the combination of his feats of bravery and skill alongside a visible tenderness in his interactions with the other characters. He’s brave but never reckless, charming but never smarmy, masculine but softly so. The romance with Marian is also interesting too because it is established before the film even starts. We don’t see their romance blossom, they are already in love before the story even starts. There is also this incredibly romantic ideal about the scene where Prince John has him tied up and he’s totally calm, and delivers that line “Marian my darling, I love you more than life itself.” It’s very simple but very moving. I think as a child coming to the film, the depth of romantic feeling is quite unusual – and created without any kissing or visible passion. Robin Hood is attractive (skinny little fox body but a complexity in the drawing of the eyes – I think he is attractive in a similar vein to Tennant’s Doctor) but he’s also non-threatening.’ – via DM.

‘Disney’s Robin Hood is the optimal masculine ideal. Charming but sincere, heroic but not brutish, confident but not arrogant. And kind. Especially to children. So I get that crush appeal.’ – Ron McKenzie, writer.

OK maybe not *romantic* as such

‘He made me feel things I’d never felt before.’ – via DM.


Out and proud

‘WHO WOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIS??? ROBIN HOOD FOX FOREVER KING OF MY CHILDHOOD HEART.’ – Dr Fern Riddell, historian, author and broadcaster.

‘Oh yea big time first crush, this does not need to be a DM slide I have nothing to add and most importantly AM NOT ASHAMED’ – Dora Summerville.

‘I have no shame admitting publicly to crushing on a very dashing cartoon fox’ – Joanne Hall, fantasy author.

‘Why would anyone need anonymity? Disney Robin Hood is a stone cold FOX (obvs). 7 year old me was not confused by these feelings at all.’ – @BeccaMeriel

Solid life goals

‘I’m staying single until I find someone who calls me My darling in exactly the same way as Disney RH’ – @Jedihamster100

We’re all thinking it 

‘Foxy Robin Hood remains a dreamboat. Essentially, an entire generation of people have a very complicated relationship with anthropomorphised animals because of Disney.’ – Jen Williams, author.

‘This is the cause of Furryism’ – Mike Stacey

‘Disney Fox Robin Hood made sure every one of us grew up to be at least a bit of a furry.’ – Shelby.

… OK, we’re probably *not* all thinking this.

‘I always fancied a threesome with Disney’s Robin Hood and Thomas O’Malley from the The Aristocats. It would probably go down in that jazz club.’ – via DM.

… and there were also some people who told me they fancied the Vixen Maid Marian instead, but that’s a matter for another day. Thanks to everyone who replied – please get in touch with me if you’d rather be edited out of this post.

The Top Ten Alternative Robin Hoods should go up on Hero Collector later this month. For all my Hero Collector posts, please head to my author’s page on the site.



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