The Omnibus

As is fairly obvious, I don’t update this blog often, instead I tend to try and promote any new articles I have via Twitter or Facebook. However, it’s easy for things to get lost on social media, so for the benefit of anyone who would like a round up of what I’ve been up to every month with links, recommendations and a bit of chat I’ve started a monthly email newsletter, called The Mark Clapham Omnibus.


You can sign up for the newsletter here.

I might actually link to the odd blogpost here now and again, if old content becomes relevant. I have recently tweaked the site a bit, clearing out old sidebars and tidying up my bibliography, which you can still find to the right —>

Long term I’ll probably want to collapse the blog altogether and have a simpler website, but for now if you find anything that needs updating, please feel free to comment below.


May 15, 2019. Uncategorized.

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