God, I really am an anti-social jerk.

I just posted this on Facebook. I’m not terribly proud:

Charmer, ain’t I?


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Curse of the Kitten People

Get these hellish beasts away from me:

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Still busy, please click for infinite timewasting

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

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Giving birth in a Teepee

From a while ago, and because it deserves wider circulation, I humbly re-present the most Guardian thing ever.

WARNING: This article may inspire feelings of boiling rage.


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Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Working on some rewrites has led to high productivity, wading through Pokemon related videos on Youtube.

I’d forgotten about these guys:


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Live from somewhere near Doncaster

Hello there, those of you who added my blog to your feed reader and then forgot it was there.

I’m posting this via National Express’ free wi-fi on a train to Leeds. I can’t post at home because I’ve moved into central London, and with the rent and the costs of moving and everything else, getting (and paying for) broadband is pretty low down on the list of priorities now. So, apologies – this blog will be quiet for a while yet, as will Shiny Shelf, and I’ll also be slow getting back to anyone trying to contact me via email.

More later in the year, hopefully, when contact is restored and there’ll be announcements and stuff.


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Out now on region 2 DVD…

… volume 1 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. UK residents have no excuse for not going out there and snapping this up right now dammit.


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Don’t read this, read this

Busy with actual paid work at the moment (more news on that to come), so limited blogging for me. However, with Lance Parkin joining the fray with his blog The Eyeless, I’ve taken the opportunity to freshen up the list of Friends and Colleagues to the right, and included a few names where it’s not clear from the title why you should be reading. There’ll be a merciless sweeping out of dead blogs from there at a later date, when I’m less busy.


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This blog will return some time in 2008… when I work out the kind of things I want to talk about this year.


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I’m Not Dead

Just busy.


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