Nemesis’ll Fix It


We’d like to go after anyone threatening to continue production of Torchwood. Do you know who we mean?

Yep, those are the ones.

Thanks, Nemesis!


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Acheivement Unlocked: Unhealthy Obsession, 30G

Apologies for the relative silence since returning from my wedding. I do, theoretically, have more time on my hands, but a series of weekends away, and a desire to spend every waking hour in London I have squeezing value from my Gold Membership, have prevented that so far.

Oh, and I’m working on some other stuff that hasn’t been announced yet.

Anyway, there’s some stuff from me and pals on Shiny Shelf at the moment, including a countdown of all the previous Trek movies in the run up to the new prequels, and a rather rambling review of the Wolverine movie from myself.

So, by way of an excuse for new content, a few plugs for things that for various reasons Shiny Shelf is too biased to review independently. Yes, it’s Corruption Corner:

  • The Torchwood graphic novel, Rift War, turned up through the post the other day. Collecting most of the strips so far from the monthly magazine, sans long interviews with actors and all that other stuff that I’d have read excitedly if I was ten years younger and had the time, this constitutes probably the best T’wood story in any medium. Titan and the BBC licensing people are to be credited for setting distinctive artists like Paul Grist and D’Israeli loose on the kind of material usually lumbered with stiff, heavily photo-reffed work. A great value package, nicely put together by Titan.
  • Colin Brockhurst, who edited the great fanzine Circus back in the day, has a new website. Well worth looking at for vintage ‘zine articles and some witty images.
  • I have a story in next year’s Accent UK anthology, Predators. In the mean time, this year’s anthology is Western. Please ask for it from your local comic shop, especially if that comic shop is in the US.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but that’s enough for now.


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Comic strip seizes ‘best Torchwood ever’ crown

I quite like Torchwood, but it has yet to have an absolutely stunning, back of the net, absolute genius episode. Well, it looks like it might have arrived, and not even in the TV show:

‘Rift War’

Simon Furman! Paul Grist! Yiiiiikes!


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