Imhotep’s complimentary soap and shower cap

The wife and I have just been up to London for the weekend of our first wedding anniversary. We went back to Savoir Faire, where we had our reception meal, and popped in on some old friends as well as the compulsory visits to Gosh! and the Forum.

Fascinating stuff, I know. We’d booked one of those mystery hotels via a website, and ended up in the Holborn Grange, a large tourist hotel relatively near to the British Museum, which wasn’t shy of alluding to it’s proximity to all those mummies with subtle design flourishes like this:

Tasteful. I love all that pastiche, touristy architecture. One of the few redeeming aspects of a trip to old British holiday camps was getting to visit all the ridiculously hokey theme bars: the prohibition-styled Chicago bar, or the cafe done up like a Volcano.  Cheesy, but endearing because of it. Any pastiche is more interesting than faux-English authenticity.

So, a good weekend.

All this, and I come back to find our basement attic floor appearing on a couple of Who news sites. It seems that if you find a new Who publication most people haven’t seen yet, people get interested.



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Happy Egg Day

My wife got me an easter egg with a special message on the front, isn’t she sweet?

Easter Egg

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