Pod People

Hello. Not posting here much as I’m working on a book (which I’m not ready to talk about), and between that and my Story Gamer and Shiny Shelf duties (see sidebar for latest), I’ve not really got much time for the blog. I’ll post more when I have stuff actually coming out.

In the mean time, here’s something new: Game People’s first podcast.

It’s our first attempt, chaired and edited by GP supremo Paul Govan, and for a pilot it turned out pretty well: a bit of background hiss, and there’s no theme music yet (Rebecca?), but considering most of us hadn’t spokenĀ  before this morning I think it went well.

I play the role of Speech Impeded Northern Git, and I think I made the part my own, although I probably gave away my lack of Zelda knowledge by doing two variations on the same joke about cutting grass. Ooops.

I won’t be in all of these, but the next one is on Resident Evil, so really there would have to be something major come up in the next fortnight to stop me doing that one.

<poker face>


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