Can’t be bothered with a pun for the header, here’s a nice review of Secret Histories over at the Obverse Books blog.

Ta, Stuart!


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Channel 666

Stuart Douglas of Obverse Books has now posted the story titles for The Panda Book of Horror, including my own Channel 666. Stuart told me it was going to be the last story in the book while I was rewriting, so arrrrggghhh no pressure there. On the plus side, I do actually like writing endings, so it wasn’t too bad.

“What is the mystery of the mysteriously mysterious Channel 666?” as all those old Who book blurbs used to repetitively ask (and probably still do, come to think of it). Well, buy the book in December, and you might find out (although as this is Iris, you may very well not…).


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Stuart Douglas of Obverse Books has posted the list of authors for their next Iris Wildthyme short story collection, The Panda Book of Horror (actual cover art not shown on the left*)…

… and there’s my name, sandwiched between Dr Magrs and Mr Michalowski (no tittering at the back, you lot) at the top of the list.

It’s a pleasure to be there (stop it). With Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus, Obverse put out a highly professional and entertaining first book, one which allowed authors familiar from, ahem, other time-and-space travel related franchises to cut loose creatively, presenting a diverse selection of stories, each with a distinct authorial voice, brought together by Iris Wildthyme’s genre-defying escapades.

Oh, and my wife wrote one of the stories. So you should definitely go back and buy it if you haven’t already.

I can’t remember who told me that the second Iris book was going to be the Panda Book of Horror, but after they had the idea of a collection of horror stories in the Obverse then sat at the back of my mind for a few days, lingering. The horror, the horror, the horror…

Then, while walking back from work one day (and bear in mind I lived ten minutes from the office at the time so it wasn’t exactly a long walk), an idea came to me, or rather a couple of ideas and how they would fit together within the sensibility of the Iris stories: a horror sub-genre with distinct conventions, which I gleefully considered to be so far outside of the usual scope of the Iris stories as to be positively perverse; and the plot device and setting which would give it the appropriate British, whimsical twist.

I’m pleased with how smoothly the idea assembled itself in my head, and the story as written is pretty much scene-for-scene what I first envisaged. It’s my first horror story, and it does feel like I managed to dredge a lot of unpleasant imagery fully-formed, from the depths of my psyche straight to the page.

Should I be proud of that? Hmmm.

Anyway, you can judge my psyche when The Panda Book of Horror comes out this November. If you somehow missed the links at the top of this entry, then you can pre-order the book here.


* Image brazenly stolen from here, by the way. Follow the link to read the whole terrifying comic strip!

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