Because someone asked me to post this

(A friend asked me to copy this from a private email to somewhere public so he could direct someone to it. The rest of you can just ignore it. As blogposts look better with a picture, here’s one of Pikachu as a scientist.)
I once watched a documentary about four surfers living in a caravan park over the summer in Cornwall (or somewhere) who basically picked up and shagged teenage girls on holiday with their families, then laughed about the love letters they got back. They were horrible creeps, heartless pricks who had no thought for the feelings of others.
But when it came to the end of the summer they cried themselves senseless about not seeing each other again. They’d completely decoupled emotions from sexuality. They weren’t gay at all, they were straight but they put no compassion or emotion into being straight, all the emotion went into their friendship.
The point of this is – I think there are very few people out there without emotions. These MRAs and other misogynists have nothing but hate for women, but all the emotion that doesn’t go into there relationships with women goes somewhere else – into videogames, into sports, into some political cause or other.
In short: masculinity is messed up.

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