A Little Xmas #9 + added Moomins

It’s time to talk about tomorrow’s comics, but as usual I’ve left It too late and it’s actually later-today’s-comics.

Actually, there’s little of interest that I haven’t discussed already in previous columns.

Paul Dini’s Detective Comics is a rock solid Batbook, with each story a masterclass in economical writing that consistently delivers – the last issue ended on a great cliffhanger as well. If there’s on complaint I have, it’s that the art isn’t quite as stellar as the writing. This book deserves an A grade art team to match the writing. Let us not speak of Dini’s other DC book of the moment, Countdown. Last issue’s Monarch/Forerunner conversation was some of the most stilted dialogue I’ve read in a comic in a while.

Also at DC, there’s the Russian Roulette of whether Action Comics #851 will be another fill-in, a Black Canary mini-series to fill the void between Green Arrow ending and the Ollie/Dinah wedding, and best of all All-Star Superman #8 is here. Zibarro!

Over at Marvel there’s the last part of Ultimate Power‘s middle act, which means Jeph Loeb on writes from next issue (shudder), and a World War Hulk tie-=in for the doomed Irredeemable Ant-Man. Over at Image, Ant-Man writer Robert Kirkman has two issues of his new title The Astounding Wolf-Man, a ‘Director’s Cut’ reprint of the Free Comic Book Day #1 (presumably for people like me who missed the giveaway event) and the second, regular issue. I tend to pick up at least the first issue of everything Kirkman does, so I’ll definitely check that out.

Finally, while surfing the main comics sites I found this excellent round-up of recent all-ages comics, written partially by two girls aged 8 and 11. The third review is of Drawn & Quarterly’s first collection of Tove Jansson’s Moomin newspaper strips, and it’s good to see the two little girls enjoyed it. If you haven’t got this book already (its been out for a while), go out and grab it tomorrow. It’s lovely.



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