Courtesy of Eddie Robson, Mal Franks and Alex Mallinson, this is brilliant:



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A Lazy Link Post

Hey, it’s Thursday, and that means comics, so I’m going to get this done quickly and get on with the day:

Kevin Church writes about why he’s not blogging as much as he used to, and reminds me why I should be working on my projects rather than dicking around online.

This discussion of the merits of tie-in fiction raises a lot of interesting points. Having worked on Doctor Who books and the Bernice Summerfield range, I can relate to a lot (but not all) of what is said here.

Steve Lavington reviews FlashForward for Shiny Shelf, and includes a second paragraph that pretty much guarantees an entry into the Shiny Shelf tenth anniversary best-of book, should there be one.

Speaking of which, twitterers can now follow the Shiny Shelf twitter feed. Apologies for duplicate tweets and odd abbreviations, we’re currently still testing what we can do with it. Once we’re up and running with it we’ll be using it to link not just to new items on the site, but also to live-tweet certain shows (nothing too serious – Doctor Who will still be a sacred period of contemplation), highlight other stuff Shelfers are up too, and point you in the direction of relevant news.

Enough already,


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