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Hello. Not posting here much as I’m working on a book (which I’m not ready to talk about), and between that and my Story Gamer and Shiny Shelf duties (see sidebar for latest), I’ve not really got much time for the blog. I’ll post more when I have stuff actually coming out.

In the mean time, here’s something new: Game People’s first podcast.

It’s our first attempt, chaired and edited by GP supremo Paul Govan, and for a pilot it turned out pretty well: a bit of background hiss, and there’s no theme music yet (Rebecca?), but considering most of us hadn’t spokenĀ  before this morning I think it went well.

I play the role of Speech Impeded Northern Git, and I think I made the part my own, although I probably gave away my lack of Zelda knowledge by doing two variations on the same joke about cutting grass. Ooops.

I won’t be in all of these, but the next one is on Resident Evil, so really there would have to be something major come up in the next fortnight to stop me doing that one.

<poker face>


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My adventure with the Escapist

Please take a look at this articleGame People Calling in online games magazine the Escapist today, edited together by Game People overlord Paul Govan from my Story Gamer articles and a bit of commentary from me.

I’m quite excited by this. When I left my day job last year, I had a long ‘to-do’ list of objectives. Some of them were knocked on the head by the current state of publishing – one magazine folded the week I was intending to send some sample reviews to them. Others are ongoing.

One quite high up the list was ‘get something into the Escapist‘. Even leaving aside the fact that it’s the home of Zero Punctuation, I’ve always liked the Escapist‘s diverse approach to games coverage, the very different, personalised approaches by all the authors, video creators, etc.

I’ve pitched a couple of articles to them which were rejected, very nicely and politely, and I’ll definitely pitch again. But in the mean time, working for Game People has resulted in today’s piece, part of Paul’s Game People Calling series highlighting GP’s various writers and approaches.

Seeing my words on the Escapist is a lovely extra perk to what is already a rewarding gig. It’s an exciting time to be writing about games, with lots of great new titles coming out, and a rapid evolution in both the games themselves and the way they are discussed. Both the Escapist and Game People sit outside the traditional games journalism that I’ve been reading since the days of Amstrad Action et al, showcasing personalised writing that goes beyond the old style ‘great graphics, great sound, 7 out of 10’ reviews. It feels like there’s a lot to write about.


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Night Note

I was up late last night writing it, and now it’s up on Gamesindustry.biz:

History Repeating

Nothing more to add, really. Enjoy!


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Things I have done this week, instead of blogging:

  • Seen the New Pornographers live at 93 Feet East. Great band, who make a tremendous noise. They were due to do Glastonbury on Friday, and hopefully that will give them more exposure in the UK. Excellent venue as well, you’ve got to like a gig venue with a beer garden.
  • Bought a Wii, then didn’t take it out of the box. Having missed out on previous restocks, I thought it wise to grab one when I could this time, especially with Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition) on pre-order and due in the next week. I know, saaaad.
  • Watched, bemused, as my article about the Resistance/Manchester Cathedral furore, Reality Bites, sat on top of the GI.biz top five most-read stories for much of this week. Further evidence that the industry needs to be smarter when dealing with difficult real world topics came with the BBFC giving Rock Star a bloody nose over Manhunt 2, banning the title. This was the first blow in a week which saw the title put on hold due to being pretty much unreleasable worldwide. Ouch. For sensible commentary on this issue, read this piece by Rob Fahey. As for the political blah around the issue, one needs to bear in mind the previous record of some of the participants in this debate.
  • Enjoyed the last issue of The Lightning Saga in Justice League of America. That makes one of me – everyone else seemed to hate it.

Things I haven’t done

  • Reviewed last week’s Who.
  • Written the GI.biz areticle I’m delivering at the end of the month.

Hmmm, better get on with it.


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It’s too late at night to think of a title for this post.

Couple of quick items before I crash out face down on the laptop:

My latest GI.biz piece covers the recent complaint by the Church of England regarding the use of Manchester Cathedral in the game Resistance: Fall of Man, and aims to add some context. You can find my article here.

I’m not the only person to chip in on the debate. Doesn’t he have packing to do?

Looks like this one may run for a while.

Meanwhile, over on Shiny Shelf, I’ve finally got around to reviewing Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Blink review to follow, some time after sleeping.



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Something Blu

A new article by me is up at GI.biz, this time on the Blu-ray vs HD DVD kerfuffle and what it means for the current console wars.

I’m currently working on a couple more pieces for the site, which is keeping me away from Shiny Shelf (although thankfully young Robson has stepped into the breach to review a new comedy) and this blog quite a bit. With a busy day job and a friend’s wedding this weekend, I’m finding surprisingly little time to faff about.

However, I have found time to maintain my fevered state of Resident Evil/Wii related anticipation. Tim Rogers’ Action Button review of Resident Wiivil 4 (albeit the Japanese no-gore version) is an entertaining read and makes some good points about all versions of the title. His criticisms didn’t really put me off, as I didn’t gel with Gears of War at all so don’t find comparisons particularly compelling, and so the review as a whole has really only ramped up my anticipation.

Hmmm, I may have miscalculated by not snapping up a Wii in the few days recently when London was well-stocked with them. Well, here’s hoping for a rapid restock.


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Very busy week and I’m close to crashing altogether, so I’ll just point you to a new Gamesindustry.biz article by me and leave it at that.


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Cross Animals

Brilliant, brilliant story on Kotaku (from free London shitsheet Metro) on a little girl who got sweary messages in Animal Crossing… which she must have put in herself. The characters in the game deserve it especially, as Kotaku notes, that ******* Tom Nook.

Kind of awesome: Animal Crossing gets sweary.

(Yeah, no Xmas this week either. Go suck it.)


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Busy week, with little to say except:

  • I’m not going to be around for this week’s Little Xmas, but I will be picking up All-Star Superman #7 at the very very very soonest opportunity. That really is a great comic.
  • Action Button is an awesome games review site of high awesomeness, the writers of which will not appreciate their site being referred to in such crude terms. Hilarious vitriol for all the family

More next week, promise…


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I haven’t bought a Wii yet, not because the console doesn’t look good – I’ve played ‘Wario Ware’ and ‘Wii Sports’ over at the Camden Leisure Pirate‘s place, and it’s a great system – but because I don’t play on the consoles and games I already have enough to justify buying another one at this stage.

However, the temptations really are piling up. As is fairly obvious, I love Capcom. ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Dead Rising’, and even the odd game that doesn’t involve the massacring of undead hordes. I’m also quite a fan of the odd puzzle game, from ‘Tetris’ to the more recent likes of ‘Zoo Keeper’.

Being actually human, I also like pirates (and not just friendly ones who live in Camden). Arrrr.

Well, Capcom have today announced ‘Project Treasure Island Z’, a game which combines both puzzles and pirates. That’s puzzle gaming, with a pirate theme. Just think about it for a while… the joys of solving puzzles, with a piratical theme. Arrrrr.

I am intrigued.


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