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Updated 8 March 2009 – too lazy to write a new post, so I’m editing this one, here’s a review of ‘Jersey Gods’ as well.

Some small Shiny Shelf updates: over the weekend I’ve knocked out an almost entirely pointless ramble about the editorial tone of ‘2000AD’ and the ‘Judge Dredd Megazine’ (well, quite), and rather more pertinently a review of ‘Midnight Meat Train’, which comes out on DVD in the UK tomorrow.

Elsewhere on the site, keep an eye on Fifth, our miscellany section, for a weekly countdown to the release of the new ‘Star Trek’ movie.

And finally, apologies for the fact that archive searches aren’t currently working, making access to old features impossible without a direct link. We’re aware of the issue, but fixing this has been rolled into a more comprehensive site revision in future, so we may not be able to get around to it for a while.



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Shelf bits

A few new Shiny Shelf bits went up this weekend:

Dark Reign reign’d-up (sorry about the pun) by me.

Recent DVDs (Incredible Hulk, Pushing Daisies and There Will Be Blood) by Mags, Steve and myself.

Space Raoul and the Science Museum’s Dan Dare exhibition by Mags

How’s that for diverse content?

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Alternatively, feel free to twitter me, email any of us, or even comment here.



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Shiny Reign and 24

No direct links as I’m being really slack today – there’s an op/ed by me on Marvel’s Dark Reign event and a review of the new 24 DVD/special/thing Redemption by Steve up on Shiny Shelf now.


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Gotham Knight and the Shiny Shelf drought

The owners of/contributors to Shiny Shelf have, over the last couple of years, become increasingly busy and inevitably this has led to a bit of a shortage of content, with the odd few weeks of total drought. I offer this as explanation rather than apology – the site isn’t making us rich or anything, and just kind of ticks along in the background as a low-level commitment, and an opportunity for spouting off about things that we wouldn’t necessarily get to talk about. Ideally we’d all have the time to write about everything that interests us, day in and day out, but sadly that ain’t going to happen right now. Jobs and lives and other writing work have a tendency to get in the way.

Odd things slip through the Shelf cracks altogether – I don’t think I’ve reviewed any of Matt Fraction’s Marvel work, for instance, an omission which needs rectifying at some point. Whole DC and Marvel crossovers have been and gone without a single mention on the site. And, until today, we hadn’t touched upon the DC Universe Animated Movies series. Until today, when I reviewed Gotham Knight and included a bit about the previous two while I was at it.

I hope you like the review. I had the space to do that today, as I completed all my bits for my big current thing and sent them to my co-writer earlier this week, leaving me a little gap before it gets passed back for any re-writes. Being at home, and having recovered from the working week, that left a little time to eat a large breakfast and some cupcakes, watch a DVD, and review it. Quite the relaxing Saturday, with only one thing missing – playing games. Having turned from a slowgamer into a no-gamer lately (aside from the odd play around with the DS while travelling), I have to take the opportunities when I can.

So I’m going to do that – pass the forcehammer.


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I may be busy

But not so busy I don’t have time for zombies:

Diary of the Dead review


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Your Name Here

As part of the rolling Death Note obsession I’ve reviewed the first live action movie, doing the rounds at London’s ICA and selected cinemas now, and due out on DVD in July, with sequels to follow.

Having read all the manga, and the frankly obsessive profile book How to Read, I’ve now got the first volume of anime to take down to the missus’ place this weekend (it’s not quite the same as Haruhi, but hopefully she’ll like it anyway) and I’m reading the prose spin-off novel Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, which is far better written than a manga tie-in novel translated into another language has any right to be.

Now, if only some plucky games publisher would localise the Death Note DS games for English speaking markets…


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Shiny Shelf bites

Because we don’t write as much as we would like to, Shiny Shelf tends to be dominated by reviews of things that have captured our enthusiasm enough to be deemed worthy of attention. As such, the site can often seem a bit of a love-in.

This week Jim’s assessment of the Doctor Who story Time Flight on DVD, my review of the movie Tales from Earthsea and Lance’s take on the Sci-Fi Channel Flash Gordon should go some way to correcting this impression.


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Millennium: ‘The Curse of Frank Black’

Halloween is a holiday that has never really settled in over here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what the Americans see in it when it recurs in film and TV.

To mark the occasion, last night I watchged the Millennium episode ‘The Curse of Frank Black’, in which Frank spends the night of 31 October seeing demons, ghosts and the possibility of a future as a bitter loner, eventually taking his own life. There are minor characters, spirits and costumed kids, but this is mainly a one-man show for Lance Henricksen as he wanders the streets, pestered by visions, his own memories and a plague of minor annoyances designed to drive him over the edge. Henricksen is great in this one, doing very little but with a subtle feeling of disquiet building in Frank throughout.

Frank is a man alone, every contact with another person a reminder of his isolation. The whole episode twists suburbia and the mundane into something more sinister, while at the same time emphasising that to see the sinister in normality is to risk going off the rails, becoming the weird guy the kids in the street talk about.

The second season of Millennium is a real oddity, a demonstration of what a couple of slightly pissed off writer/producers can do with a show when cut loose and devoid of any real sense of responsibility. The box set is well worth buying, for ‘Curse’ as a whole lot of other crazy, memorable episodes.


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