Eleven plus

Chances are we’re due a good few months more of speculation about who will be the eleventh Doctor Who, with slow news days between now and Spring blocked out with bookies predictions and random gossip.

News stories online mean comment threads, so why not use this handy formula to create your own witty comment post on a recent news story?

“[Public figure] should be the next Doctor Who because he could [reference to news story] the Daleks [extra bonus topical reference]”.

Here’s a few witless starters for ten to get you going:

“Russell Brand should be the next Doctor Who because he could phone up the Daleks and tell him he f**ked their granddaughter.”

“Lewis Hamilton should be the next Doctor Who because he could defeat the Daleks in spite of receiving racist abuse from the Cybermen.”

“John Sargeant should be the next Doctor Who because he could defeat the Daleks with dancing even though he can’t actually dance.”

Or you could always get more ambitious:

“John McCain should be the new Doctor Who, because he’s 900 year old and hangs around with a stupid bird who gets herself into trouble.”

Anyway, a fulfilling career in tiresome amateur drollery awaits, if you’re willing to put the time, effort and spelling mistakes in. Good luck!



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No 10 in 2010

With the announcement made, it’s hard not to be kept awake by fizzing thoughts of sweeping final stories and exciting new Doctors to come.


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I’ve reviewed The Sarah Jane Adventures for Shiny Shelf.

Go me. In fact, go me to bed. Right now. G’night.



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11th hour

Here’s a review of the Doctor Who episode Utopia, whole minutes before the next one is on. Prompt!


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Things I have done this week, instead of blogging:

  • Seen the New Pornographers live at 93 Feet East. Great band, who make a tremendous noise. They were due to do Glastonbury on Friday, and hopefully that will give them more exposure in the UK. Excellent venue as well, you’ve got to like a gig venue with a beer garden.
  • Bought a Wii, then didn’t take it out of the box. Having missed out on previous restocks, I thought it wise to grab one when I could this time, especially with Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition) on pre-order and due in the next week. I know, saaaad.
  • Watched, bemused, as my article about the Resistance/Manchester Cathedral furore, Reality Bites, sat on top of the GI.biz top five most-read stories for much of this week. Further evidence that the industry needs to be smarter when dealing with difficult real world topics came with the BBFC giving Rock Star a bloody nose over Manhunt 2, banning the title. This was the first blow in a week which saw the title put on hold due to being pretty much unreleasable worldwide. Ouch. For sensible commentary on this issue, read this piece by Rob Fahey. As for the political blah around the issue, one needs to bear in mind the previous record of some of the participants in this debate.
  • Enjoyed the last issue of The Lightning Saga in Justice League of America. That makes one of me – everyone else seemed to hate it.

Things I haven’t done

  • Reviewed last week’s Who.
  • Written the GI.biz areticle I’m delivering at the end of the month.

Hmmm, better get on with it.


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Something new

Off to a wedding this weekend, which means I won’t see ‘Utopia’ until Sunday. Still, should be fun. I’ll then be straight back into a very busy week next week, so my blogging will be limited.

I leave you with my Shiny review of ‘Blink’.


PS Facebook users are welcome to join the ‘Shiny Shelf’ group, and berate us on the lateness of our reviews.

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The Honorary Bedouin and other stories

Busy week followed by weekend away, but no solicitations this week (although if you didn’t buy Buffy you’re a fool and should kick yourself hard in the face for your idiocy), here’s a few shorts before I rush off:

  • Zombies, which features my (and Barry Renshaw’s) story Nomads,is available around the North of England from the Travelling Man chain of comic shops and other fine outlets, including the one in Harrogate the name of which currently escapes me. There can’t be that many comic shops in Harrogate.
  • Lawrence Arabia supported the Concretes at the Luminaire in Kilburn the other night, and kind of stole the show. Not bad for a guy who looks like a young Rod Hull.
  • Speaking of which – think of the most unspeakably vile thing that could possibly be inflicted upon the human body. Think about it until you feel nauseous at the visceral horror of it all. Then think about that foul, violating torture being committed upon the body of someone who talks during a gig, maybe someone who uses their phone in the cinema. Feel that horror turn to calm, the feeling of justice being served, of righteous misery raining down on those who deserve it the most. If only such cosmic balance could be served in real life. I’d settle for a little less – perhaps at the first yaahing, baying, idiotic comment about the band’s influences or what they’re doing at the weekend or the club they’re going to later, these fucking imbeciles could be dragged out of the venue/cinema/theatre and hit in the eye with a hammer? Is that too much for us, the paying, attentive members of the audience, to ask for? I think not.

OK, that’s quite enough for now.

Have a good weekend,


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A Little Xmas #5

Xmas comes but every few weeks when I can be bothered, and this is one of those weeks.

This week is all about Cap. After a ten week gap since the sell-out, media frenzied Captain America #25, we’re finally getting the promised post-mortem. Brubaker would have had a hard time selling this as a real death anyway, but with the bait-and-switches he played with the ‘deaths’ of the Red Skull in this book and Foggy in Daredevil, he’ll have to do something pretty special to convince us that Steve Rogers is really dead, even temporarily. Still, Brubaker’s two years on the title have been excellent, and it looks like this event has brought in the flocks of readers that the title deserves. Here’s hoping that with Civil War and other distractions out of the way Brubaker and artists can get back to telling their story on a steady schedule. I suppose Criminal, Brubaker’s other title out this week, counts as a Marvel book, but I find it hard to think of Icon books as part of Marvel. Still – Criminal is good, new arc starts with this issue, so buy it.

Also at Marvel there’s the last issue of the highly entertaining but drastically sales-challenged Wisdom, a book which might have been better served outside the Max imprint and in the main Marvel line. Writer Paul Cornell’s Doctor Who episode Human Nature, the first half of his adaptation of his own novel (the best Who book ever ever ever) on TV this Saturday, so a big week for him. Back in mainstream Marvel Mike Carey’s X-Men hit #199, with big things promised for the next issue. Carey’s run has been a good one, so hopefully the arbitrary celebration of a big number will cast a spotlight this way. There’s also Irredeemable Ant-Man #8, like Wisdom another Marvel book beleaguered by poor sales. Guess I’ll be having some cheap weeks in a few months time.

Outside of Marvel and its imprints it’s a pretty quiet week for me. The only mainstream DCU title I’m buying this week is Countdown #49, and that’s mainly because I have faith in lead writer Paul Dini. The first two issues have been better executed as individual comics than much of 52, but I’m even less convinced with this book that it’s going anywhere interesting. Rich Johnston over at Lying in the Gutters has heard that this is counting down to Final Crisis, a title which indicates a yawning gulf of tedium swallowing up the whole DC line. I’m sick of alt-universes and reset buttons already, and may find myself dropping Countdown sooner rather than later, Dini or no Dini.

Elsewhere in DC’s output there’s The Spirit, which is supposed to be DCU but feels like a bubble all of it’s own, a wonderful Darwyn Cooke-sculpted world where comics don’t suck. Over at Vertigo there’s the third issue of Andy Diggle’s so-far-enjoyable run on Hellblazer.

No indies for me this week, as there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting out on that front.


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Because about two people demanded it…

…a Shiny review of Doctor Who: 42.


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"I’ll buy that at a high price"

Some short ones today…

PLUG!!! Any day now the Zombies anthology from Accent UK will be available to buy, containing a strip called ‘Nomads’, written by me with fantastic art by Barry Renshaw. I’m very proud of the story as my first published comics work – what more could I want than have my first one feature the undead? You can buy Zombies from the Accent UK website, or at the Bristol Comic International Expo next weekend. I’ll be there on the Saturday to shamelessly pimp the thing, so collar me if you see me.

Review! My Alice in Sunderland review is up at Shiny Shelf. It was such a good book that it ended up a hard one to do justice to in a simple text review. I’ll reiterate here – buy this book. Well, after you’ve bought Zombies, obviously.

Got any cash, stranger? Kotaku have the US pricing for Resident Wiivil 4, a mere $29.99, about fifteen quid in UK money. Hopefully this will translate as about twenty quid in our English poundage, and not the somewhat heftier price Play are taking pre-orders at. Still, last night’s Resi influenced episode of Doctor Who has left me champing at the bit, so I suspect I’ll be there on the first day whatever.

That’s all for now, enjoy the bank holiday,


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