The Adventure of the Empty Table

phoniconThis coming Sunday, 7 April 2013 fellow ‘Doctor Who’ writer (and my wife) Mags L Halliday and I will be guests at Phonicon 2013 at the Exeter Phoenix.

You can find more about the con at the Phonicon website, although more regular updates can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

Phonicon is a new event in its first year, and is aiming to try and have a little something for everyone – media guests from Star Wars and Doctor Who, as well as writers and comics people, film screenings and some events for kids. It’s for a good cause – community radio station Phonic FM – the Exeter Phoenix is a great venue, and we don’t have many events of this kind in the South West so it would be nice to make this ‘a thing’.

Please come along and say hello. It would be lovely to see people there, and Mags and I will be generally hanging around (presumably with large guest badges with our names on) for most of the day. There’ll also probably be some kind of mini-interview and/or reading going on too.

Now, due to some scheduling and guest changes, Mags and I have ended up with a table each. Yes, two whole tables. This is more space than we really need because we don’t have huge stacks of books we can sell (my latest is an ebook, for instance), so… well, we’re not sure what we do with the tables, other than sit behind them for a bit.

Our solution to the empty table problem has been to pick a couple of time slots where we’ll be available if anyone wants to come along and get something signed (Battered copies of our Who novels ‘Hope’ or ‘History 1o1’? Old issues of long dead fanzines ‘Matrix’ or ‘Skaro’? Napkins?), chat to us about our work, ask us for writing advice (in which case, God help you), or just ask where the toilets are (this we can do, they’re downstairs by the service lifts). Here’s when we’ll be there:


We’ll be at our tables in Zone 3 on the First Floor of the Phoenix at the following times:

11am – 12pm

3pm – 4pm

Please come along to say hello! If nothing else our tables will be a convenient flat surface to place your drinks on.

See you there,



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