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My review of the iOS version of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain seems to have gone up a bit early on Game People, so I thought I’d share this for anyone interested in how you go about writing something that fiddly:

I don’t generally work on paper unless I’m scribbling notes away from my computer, and even then I’m as likely to use the notes function on my phone for note taking as much as paper and pen. I used to do pen-and-paper first drafts of everything, long overwritten rambles that I would hack down while typing up, but I seem to have internalised that initial edit over the years, and can go straight to screen with something that reads as at least professional. (YMMV.)

However, some things require old methods to work out. For my first 40K book (still not announced, but it does exist, promise!) there were a lot of characters and ranks to deal with, so I drew a chart of how all the squads etc fitted together.

Then there was the Warlock review, which was simple but fiddly. I wrote the topic of each section on a piece of note paper, with arrows pointing to which sections the reader would naturally go to next. I then shuffled all of them, with the exception of the first two and the last one, then numbered them all one to ten and filled in those numbers in the go-to lines. That then gave me a framework to fill in the actual words.

I’m kind of hoping this one gets a bit more attention than most reviews I write. I’ve wanted to write a concept review for ages, and this seemed the perfect excuse. I’m pretty happy with the results, and hope that if nothing else readers of the FF books get a nostalgic kick out of it.



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