Bane by Andy Bloor

Andy Bloor’s art has appeared in various Accent UK titles, including the Wolfmen series written by Accent editor/publisher Dave West. I won one of those ‘my umpteenth follower gets a X’ competitions when I followed Andy on twitter, and the prize was a sketch of the character of my choice.

I picked Bane as (sorry, Rich) he’s one of my favourite Bat-characters, a ‘roided up genius gangster in a luchadore mask. I also thought that Andy would do a great job with all that muscle and menace – Andy has a real weight to his characters, both a physicality and presence from those heavy, curved inks.

Well, I received the sketch today, and I think you’ll agree that, even via the imperfect reproduction of a  phone photo, Andy did a fantastic job:

Bane by Andy Bloor

Thanks Andy! Now, I’ve just got to work out where to hang this…


Update: there’s a proper scan over on Andy’s blog.


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