Doctor Who: Monster Invasion

Very quick post, mostly photos, and aimed at a couple of people who were interested.

Doctor Who: Monster Invasion is a new partwork tying into the Matt Smith season, based around a collectible card game.

Now, partworks don’t usually launch nationwide off the bat – the publishers test demand with a regional pilot, running the first few issues in one bit of the UK. In the case of DWMI, they’re doing it in the South West of England.

So, for those of you elsewhere, here’s a few pics of the launch issue:

This is a BBC Magazines production, as you can tell from the logo in the top left corner.

(Previous Doctor Who trading card games came from Panini. Feel free to debate the politics of the BBC’s relationship with third party licensees to your hearts content, I ain’t saying nothin’.)

The editor is Annabel Gibson, a familiar name to readers of the BBC’s other tie-in magazine, Doctor Who Adventures.

The general writing and presentation style of DWMI is very similar to DWA: a thin magazine with lots of photos from the series, accompanied by dialogue quotes blown up into a huge font and/or simple descriptive text of the ‘Prisoner Zero chased Amy down the stairs’ variety.

There are a few spot illos though, like this one from Gary Northfield, at the top of a gatefold poster thing:

Sorry to anyone who feels I’ve spoiled the ‘slamdown’ for them.

As I was mainly buying this to see what it was like, then carbon freeze it in case the national run never happens and this becomes a collector’s item, I didn’t really look at the game stuff. Sorry.

Nicest thing in the issue from my skimming, 34 year old non-card-gamer perspective was Jamie Smart’s double page spread of hundreds of Ood, a Doctor Who-themed  spin on his forthcoming Where’s Chaffy? book:

I love Smart’s stuff, and this is no exception – a delightful, cute take on the characters and monsters.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve already got a house (and off-site storage lock-up) heaving with piles of Who related junk, I’d be tempted to buy DWMI regularly just for these and dump all the cards on friends’ kids.

Anyway, that’s Doctor Who: Monster Invasion, coming soon to a newsagent near you, maybe.

Sorry I’m not posting here much, not much to tell right now. If you want proper content, look ye to Shiny Shelf, which is bursting with stuff right now.


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  2. The Gallifrey Vortex replied:

    Thanks for posting this, it was a great help. I credited you for the image you had taken of the magazine, and I linked to it in the latest post of my website.

  3. markclapham replied:

    Ta, Vortex!

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  5. trent replied:

    I have tried some shops in Weymouth to get the Doctor who monster invasion cards and I cant get them. I tried these shops: Londis, WHSmith and Spar. So where can I get them from?

  6. markclapham replied:

    I’ve only seen issue 2 in WH Smiths in Exeter. No idea about elsewhere. There’s a Monster Invasion website if you want to subscribe.

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