… to my lovely new home, here on WordPress and the fantastically narcissistic www.markclapham.com. I was messing about with domains, and the new, coming-soon-honest Shiny Shelf is WordPress based, so it made sense to landgrab the dotcom, and shift the blog at the same time rather than mess up the URLs twice.

People have been telling me I should shift to WordPress for a while, and though there was nothing wrong with blogger’s dashboard and tools, WordPress does have a lot more useful kit to play with. (I’m also easily confused, and would prefer to only be using one online publishing set-up at once.)

The content is pretty much the same as that at the old blog, although I have taken the opportunity to go back and change/delete some old posts based on my current whims. I’ve also blitzed the old blogspot and just left a redirect – it never got that much traffic anyway, certainly not enough to justify an elaborate post-to-post redirect.

I already think the new blog looks a lot nicer. What do you think?



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