My adventure with the Escapist

Please take a look at this articleGame People Calling in online games magazine the Escapist today, edited together by Game People overlord Paul Govan from my Story Gamer articles and a bit of commentary from me.

I’m quite excited by this. When I left my day job last year, I had a long ‘to-do’ list of objectives. Some of them were knocked on the head by the current state of publishing – one magazine folded the week I was intending to send some sample reviews to them. Others are ongoing.

One quite high up the list was ‘get something into the Escapist‘. Even leaving aside the fact that it’s the home of Zero Punctuation, I’ve always liked the Escapist‘s diverse approach to games coverage, the very different, personalised approaches by all the authors, video creators, etc.

I’ve pitched a couple of articles to them which were rejected, very nicely and politely, and I’ll definitely pitch again. But in the mean time, working for Game People has resulted in today’s piece, part of Paul’s Game People Calling series highlighting GP’s various writers and approaches.

Seeing my words on the Escapist is a lovely extra perk to what is already a rewarding gig. It’s an exciting time to be writing about games, with lots of great new titles coming out, and a rapid evolution in both the games themselves and the way they are discussed. Both the Escapist and Game People sit outside the traditional games journalism that I’ve been reading since the days of Amstrad Action et al, showcasing personalised writing that goes beyond the old style ‘great graphics, great sound, 7 out of 10’ reviews. It feels like there’s a lot to write about.



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