It’s a bit cold here, to say the least. The pervasive cold, which has driven me to pretty much living and working in one, constantly heated room, has sort of frozen my brain. Hence no blogging and little Shelfing, as it’s tricky to get worked up in these conditions without the hot breath of a deadline to provide motivation.

(To be honest I was also frozen on the blog due to having written a post about Fallout 3 called Crippled Head. Still unsure where to go after that.)

Thankfully, Shiny Shelf has a new reviewer stepped up. He’s Julio Angel Ortiz, he interviewed me ages ago so he must have good taste, and he’s reviewed Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Welcome!

Just before Christmas, Eddie made a comeback with an interesting piece on Orson Welles, still well worth reading even now the BBC4 Welles season has been and gone. Eddie’s also been writing the last few comic strips for Doctor Who Adventures, so please check those out.

That’s enough for now. Hopefully the whether will break soon and I’ll get my shit together to produce something more substantial.




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