Earth One

No time for punning titles, I’ve spent long enough on this already. As many of you will already know, DC have announced a new range of original graphic novels, and have shown off some nice artwork (above). Having used this as an excuse to be rude about previous crappy comics on Twitter, and chipped in on a lively thread about the topic on The Beat, I seemed to find myself with a lot still to say on the topic.

So I said it here, on Shiny Shelf.

So there.

Good night,



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  1. Nitz the Bloody replied:

    I'm interested in this as well, both as a story and a publishing experiment, but can I just say that the attached Batman image is the best Batman design I've ever seen? The Bat-Symbol is worked into a clasp for the cape, providing color to the costume to break-up the monotony ( unlike the Begins suit ), but the other aspects ( most notably the briefs and the utility belt ) are muted, and the whole thing is rendered with visible stitching and folds. It's an excellent rendition.

  2. Mark Clapham replied:

    Nice, isn't it? It reminds me a lot of the costume in the Arkham Asylum game, which I loved…

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