What I did on my psychotic holidays

I’ve got to the point with my main Borderlands character (a soldier, levelled up to the mid 30s, incidentally) that I don’t really want to play him on my own – that late in the game, I want to have the fun of playing with friends, and the bad guys provide sufficient challenge that it’s a bit of a drag to play through solo anyhow.

So, as there’s an achievement for killing a certain number of enemies with each of the four character classes’ special ability (1 enemy in the case of the Siren, 15 enemies for the Soldier, Hunter and Berserker), I decided to go back and get the achievement for each.

The special ability kicks in with level 5, so to get the achievement for each class you just need to level up as quickly as possible from the start of the game, then run around using and recharging your ability ’til you’ve got enough kills with it. Easy enough.

Having done this for the Hunter, Siren and Berserker character classes in the last 48 hours, I thought I’d share a few tips in regards to hitting level 5 as quickly as possible, at least partially because I’m rarely good enough at a game to have any tips to impart, so I’m going to lord it when I do:

  • Obvious one first – follow the missions in order, completing them quickly and turning them in – biggest XP boosts are for mission completes.
  • There’s a fat dose of XP for reaching certain criteria in looting, selling and buying – so open everything, pick up everything you can, sell everything you don’t need, and never hesitate to buy something better, even if it’s only a marginal advantage.
  • Stick to the weapon your class specialises in if possible, and use critical hits and rapid chains of kills to maximise XP (usually headshots for humanoids, mouth shots for skags). Using the same classes of weapon all the time also quickly boosts you up the ‘number of kills using X types of weapon’ challenges, which also give out big doses of XP at certain tiers.
  • In terms of getting through the opening as quickly as possible, the claptrap will stop if you drop too far behind/get too far ahead. He won’t start the next bit of his schtick without you there, but once he does he’ll keep going even if you run off. So follow him closely, then when he starts faffing with a door control, run off and loot. Specifically, when the bandits jump over the gates at the very start, that’s a good time to dart off to the left, and open all the crates and safes around the outbuildings near the bus stop.
  • Of the three classes I’ve done in the last couple of days, you get the achievement quickest in this order: Siren, Hunter, Berserker. The Berserker takes longest as his special skill takes a long time to recharge, burns out fairly quickly, and involves a degree of precision to use – I didn’t get the achievement until after killing Nine Toes. The Siren only needs one kill with her special ability, and I managed to get her to level 5 and bag the achievement by the time the weapons store had opened.

Either way, it shouldn’t take more than an hour for each of these. Once you’ve got one of each class powered up to level 5, you’ll also have a feel for which class you prefer, and how you might play the game next. I’m quite in favour of the Hunter myself: mine is already up to the mid-teens in terms of levelling, and I think I’ll play through with him after finishing the main campaign with the Soldier.



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