Hey Kids! Comics! (updated 6/11/09)

OK, maybe not kids, considering the first couple I’ve reviewed are mature readers titles…

Anyway, as previously mentioned while I was up in London I picked up a mighty backlog of comics, and to mark that occasion I’m spending this week reviewing a few titles that we should have covered on Shiny Shelf aaaages ago. Here they are (I’m lazy and just updating this post with the others as the week goes on):

Criminal: The Sinners
The Unwritten

Wednesday Comics (added 5/11/09)
Detective Comics (added 6/11/09)

Looking back at these, they’re both rave reviews – perhaps a side-effect of the fact that, with me cutting back my spending, I’m not taking as many risks on purchases as I used to. Hmmm… will try to pick something less absolutely outstanding for tomorrow, before this turns into a total fawnfest. (I did – see Wednesday Comics review!)

Meanwhile… I’m not nanowrimo-ing. While I kind of like the idea, various reasons have conspired to mean I couldn’t start on time, and it would be foolish to throw a whole month of my career break into a single project like this. However, I am seeing how far I can use the nano ethos to get as many words as I can down for an existing project, so we’ll see how well I do with that over the month… even if I don’t get anywhere near 50,000, even 10,000 words of rough draft would be a decent start.


* Criminal artwork nicked from Sean Phillips’ blog, which is well worth RSSing to for the regular art he posts. However, work viewers beware, there is quite a bit of nudity and horror in his work…


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