Friday Night Shite

By way of keeping up a post a day, some randoms to keep you busy, if you’re really bored, or are in a later timezone still at work (to which I say HA HA POOR TIMEZONE LOSERS LOL:


  • Agreeable Comics has revamped its website, which you can find here. If you haven’t read comic shop sitcom The Rack, or more recent additions such as The Loneliest Astronauts (a fantastically bleak humour strip) or She Died In Terrebone (an early 1970s murder mystery) now is as good a time as any to catch up.
  • I played the Brutal Legend demo the other day on the X-Box 360. It’s a lot of fun, a button-mashing combat game with a ludicrous heavy metal theme, witty script and sharp voiceovers – Jack Black is playing the lead character, and he’s actually playing that character rather than just being Jack Black. It could be a lot of fun, but equally I’m unsure whether it’s going to hit one of the two problems that hit action combat games: 1) the hideous difficulty spike that brings you to a screeching halt; or 2) the endless ache of constant button-mashy repetition. This is one where I hope the main campaign is focussed, with sufficient variety, and doesn’t suddenly ratchet the difficulty level up purely to drag things out. As it stands, it’s worth clearing space on your HD to download the demo, just for the genuinely funny cutscenes and… but that would be spoiling it.
  • And finally, doing my review a day I looked at BBC4’s Micro Men for the Shelf. This was an absolute sod to write, as I tried to weave my opinions about the programme into a bit of context and commentary on the era the show covered. I’ve already had some feedback suggesting that I give too short shrift to the business and practical applications on 8-bit computers. While I acknowledge the feedback, these reviews are inevitably a simplified view (I skipped over the ST and Amiga altogether when discussing the evolution of the industry, just as the show itself didn’t mention later Acorn branded products like the Archimedes), and I’d still maintain that it took the introduction of hard drives, more accessible operating systems and so forth for home computers to be practical devices for doing useful stuff for anyone other than the most dedicated hobbyists. I may be wrong. I’m certainly not fiddling with an already torturous review to nuance my own point.

And a lovely weekend to all of you at home,



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