Life is Grand

Another hit at this year’s BICS was Grandville, at least judging by the fact that when I bought one (dedicated, sketched and signed by the man himself, as the smugly included photo indicates) from Mr Talbot on the Sunday afternoon, he was nearly sold out.

One of the most heartening trends of recent years has been the increase in mainstream book publishers putting out serious, novelistic works. Now, there’s only a select few graphic novelists playing at the top so far – aside from Talbot I can think of Satrapi, Mazzucchelli, Spiegelman, Ewing and very few others – and there’s an argument as to whether there’s any trickle down for graphic novelists working in the earlier stages of their career, but in general I embrace the trend. Yeah, it may be tough to get to that position, but how many literary prose novelists get solid book deals anyway? This could be the price of maturity.

Anyway, I’ve reviewed Grandville here, part of my efforts (alongside the revival of this blog) to push up my daily wordcount and become a better, more productive, writer. So, hopefully there’ll be a review from me every weekday – Grandville was today, and yesterday’s was Stargate Universe. I’ve still got at least one more item from BICS to go, the autumn TV season is getting underway now in the UK, and I’ve got a couple more general posts up my sleeve to come.

If you have anything to add or dispute, please feel free to say so in the comments below.


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