After fifteen years in London I’m finally leaving, for the rather sensible reason that having got married, I should probably live with my wife. I gave notice to work this week, so now it’s coming together and feels real.

Tonight I went out to see the surprisingly good GI Joe, and we emerged to find it absolutely chucking down. We ran for it straight for the nearest bar, the Leicester Square All Bar One. Neither a spectacular palace of luxury or a homely local, it was nonetheless serving booze and food and was pleasant enough.

Sitting in a touristy bar in one of London’s busiest squares was reminiscent of holidays to Brussels and the like, where not knowing the backstreets you pick somewhere open and harmless looking. It gave me an insight into what it’s going to be like coming back as a visitor rather than a resident – not an alienating feeling at all, actually a warm novelty. It was still raining as I walked home, taking a leisurely pace, drifting like a tourist rather than a frantic full-time Londoner, looking in the odd shop window.

I think I can get used to this.



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