Bernice Summerfield: Secret Histories

Apparently I don’t update this blog enough. Which I don’t, so that’s fair comment.

Readers will recall that ten weeks and an embarrassingly small number of updates ago I posted about Venus Mantrap, the Bernice Summerfield audio play that Lance Parkin and I wrote.

Well, I’m not finished with Bernice just yet. Out in December this year is Secret Histories, a short story collection edited by myself with contributions from… well, see below about that. Click on the link to read the blurb. Rather than an over-arching theme which might tie the authors down, I opted for a framing sequence which threads the stories into a larger narrative. The framing sequence is written by myself, but doesn’t lock the stories so tightly together that the reader can’t dip in and out and read the actual stories in whatever order they please.

I’m delighted by how the book is coming together. By way of an easter egg hunt, and to try and fan the flames a little in advance of the book coming out, I’m announcing the stories and authors one-by-one across various Who fora, starting with the soon to be dead Outpost Gallifrey Forum. You can read that announcement here. More to come, on Outpost Who, via an agent of chaos on my behalf on this place, and possibly even the Jade Pagoda if I feel like it – they could do with a post or two now and again. If you don’t care to chase these up, worry not – full details will be on the appropriate page of the BF website in due course.

As well as being able to pre-order Secret Histories on its own, you can also buy it, along with Venus Mantrap and the other audios in this season, as a 2009 bundle with this excellent Special Offer. That’s a mere £40 for not only Histories and Mantrap, but also three other audios.

You. Know. You. Want. To.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’ll try not to leave it so long next time.


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