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Updated 8 March 2009 – too lazy to write a new post, so I’m editing this one, here’s a review of ‘Jersey Gods’ as well.

Some small Shiny Shelf updates: over the weekend I’ve knocked out an almost entirely pointless ramble about the editorial tone of ‘2000AD’ and the ‘Judge Dredd Megazine’ (well, quite), and rather more pertinently a review of ‘Midnight Meat Train’, which comes out on DVD in the UK tomorrow.

Elsewhere on the site, keep an eye on Fifth, our miscellany section, for a weekly countdown to the release of the new ‘Star Trek’ movie.

And finally, apologies for the fact that archive searches aren’t currently working, making access to old features impossible without a direct link. We’re aware of the issue, but fixing this has been rolled into a more comprehensive site revision in future, so we may not be able to get around to it for a while.



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