Tanks for nothing.

I’ve been busy with a couple of things which have kept me largely offline for the last couple of days, and have cut into my blogging time.

Firstly, the pace of wedding preparations has picked up, and involved a couple of difficult nights of expensive dining to establish a venue for the wedding breakfast. It’s a hard life, I can tell you, especially when followed by Valentines Day chocs and cakes. Tough, tough life. It’s Ryvita and Special K for the rest of the week, I think.

More importantly though, as previously recounted I’m on X-Box Live for a month, a free month’s trial which will almost inevitably become a year’s subscription. My copy of Left4Dead arrived the other day, and barely a day goes by where I don’t manage to squeeze in a quick campaign, usually with Mr Lavington of Shiny Shelf fame. Having enjoyed playing the game offline, online was initially more of the same. It’s a great ‘the same’, with all the emergent situations that everyone else has been going on about for ages, whereby the combination of co-operating players and the super-smart AI Director create situations you’d never get in a more scripted game.

Today we stepped it up a notch, with another friend and his girlfriend joining the party. It’s the first time I’d played with an entirely human team, no companion AI (although one of our team did have to back out at one point, and it’s a great credit to the game to see the AI jump in their and get playing, seamlessly). An all-player team really ups those opportunities for the unexpected – the finely balanced AI players are never either mercilessly thick (as in any Resident Evil support AI ever) or inhumanly competent, instead hovering around, keeping their end up without either dragging you down or stealing the glory. An all-human team, however, will be beset by errors and prone to sudden triumphant moments of victory, and it’s all the more exciting. What a great game.

In between I’ve been getting back to Tomb Raider: Legend (super competent, a little too linear, not exactly the 360 state-of-the-art this far after release but nonetheless way ahead of the PS2 port of Underworld I recently played), and even a bit of FEAR (nothing to do with the sequel coming out, more because another of my Live friends has FEAR but not L4D, so I suspect it’s going to be the multiplayer of last resort with him for the moment).

Oh, and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney arrived. And House of the Dead: Overkill for Wii, which I’ll be playing once I get down to the missus place, where my Wii resides. And while I’m down there, I’ll need to get around to playing more Trauma Center, and maybe turn my attention to the PS2 and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and, and…

So yeah, a lot of games to get through. This could take a while.



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