Point and laugh

Such is the sense of raging self entitlement of most people who write for or edit broadsheet newspapers, that they frequently just don’t get the sheer extent to which their view of the world is distorted by the bubble of privilege they exist in. The internet exposes this faster than ever – witness the virtual rocks thrown at the gap year blogger on the Guardian site last year.

Here’s a good one: some columnist bemoans the fact that her friend got made redundant from her highly paid Operations Director job (presumably where she was lucratively rewarded for occasionally nodding and saying ‘we need to consider the resource implications of this’ in meetings), went to the Job Centre, and found that not only are they ill-equipped to deal with finding new veins for worthless over privileged parasites to sink their rows of slimy teeth into, but that various dehumanising barriers have been placed between the claimant and benefits.

I’m sure you’ll join with me in weeping bitter tears at this poor worthy soul being faced with the cruel failure of a heartless bureaucracy. I know I positively pissed myself with empathy.



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