I lead a full and rich life.

Yeah, I’m lazy, no updates here for a week, and no Shiny Shelf either. Well, aside from being busy on the work and personal fronts, I’ve spent a lot of my evenings with a bit of this:

That’s Left 4 Dead, BTW. Steve the Camden Leisure Pirate and I had a great Friday evening playing through the first two scenarios on offline co-op. YOU DISTURBED THE WITCH!

(Oh, and here’s a reason to be jealous of PC gamers, for once.)

This inspired me to go back to another zombie killing favourite over the weekend, Dead Rising, and to actually complete the bomb disposal mission. After many, many attempts and different tactics, I managed it, and the next couple of story missions were easy enough. Then, sadly, I encountered this raging asshole and it all went wrong:

I suspect I’ll be spending a bit more time yet trying to kill this annoying motherfucker. Oh well.



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