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Dear BBC,

I enjoyed your recent programme Survivors, a literary adaptation of the serious novel by the serious writer Terry Nation. However, there are some flaws which, if corrected, I believe could make the show better:

– This ‘virus’ that wipes out the population kills most of the people. However those people then stay dead, rather than rising again, ferociously hungry for flesh. This is unrealistic.

– There was a useful emphasis on the conservation of resources in a limited space, however no mention whatsoever of the importance of mixing different coloured herbs. This would have been a good opportunity to teach children key skills in the Reithian manner.

– The stuff with the lab at the end was good, however if their operation is not run by a guy with a blond crew cut who never takes his shades off even when in a darkened underground passageway, I am going to stop paying my licence fee.

– Max Beesley is a poor actor. Was Oded Fehr busy or something? I do not believe Mr Beesley could ever fire two guns at mutated hounds while jumping, and this broke the fifth wall of the drama for me.

– I see from the trailer that there will be some confrontation at a supermarket in the next episode, with Tony from Shameless as the antoganist. Perhaps this part would be better with a giant scorpion in the role? Or maybe Tony could take ten bullets then mutate into a huge leech, requiring three or foure hits from a rocket launcher to take down? Just a thought.

I hope you like these suggestions. If youy use them I do not want credit but would like the chance to pitch for the second season of Bonekickers please. My story would be about the Dead Sea Scrolls being found in Croydon.

Lots of Love,

Mark Clapham

PS At least someone knows how to do it properly.


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