Gotta dash

Busy at the moment as my sister is down for a visit. She’s looking for an inexpensive console for xmas, and torn between a DS and a PS2, so she’s been sampling random titles from each to try and make her mind up. She had fun with Brain Training and Space Invaders Extreme on the former, while Prince of Persia: Sands of Time proved as beguiling as ever on the latter, for me if not necessarily for her – really, the only thing that stops me from playing through it again is those bloody wall-to-wall bounce jumps. They were a bugger. Also on the PS2 we had a look at Time Splitters 2, which I can no longer play, and The Godfather, which was shite.

Having fired up the old black box, I was inspired to go back to Ico and, thanks to the bitch-out of hitting a walkthrough, remind myself where the hell I was and what I had to do to move forward, rather than end up retracing my steps through the whole bloody castle. An hour or so of effort have got me back into the game, and it’s sublime sense of loneliness. So that’ll be occupying what little spare time I have until it’s done, I think.


Pic nicked from gamespot. Sorry!


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