10 BPM, or ‘A Customer’ is always right

This month marks 10 glorious years since my first (co-written) book saw publication, beginning my glorious mini-career of occasional professional writing. It’s still one of my favourite things I’ve done – the action set-piece towards the end of the book was a bit dodgy (my idea, my fault), but Lance Parkin and I had a great time writing it, and found the unusual genre mix (an SF murder mystery cold war campus novel… on Mars) worked surprisingly well. It was also one of two co-written contributions I made to the New Adventures range of books, which I loved. They’d previously been Doctor Who books, but by this point mainly starred Professor Bernice Summerfield, who had been one of the Doctor’s companions.

So, to mark a decade since Bernice Summerfield’s exciting adventure with Beige Planet Mars, let’s relive some contemporary reviews:

“A novel of missed opportunities.” Antony Brown, SFX. *

“Suffers from the familiar N/A faults of being written in a hurry and no effort on the part of writer(s) or Virgin to take the plot and give it a good kicking into shape.” A Customer, Amazon.co.uk.

“This book is full of little joys.” Richard McGinlay, Dreamwatch.**

“The indulgent but reserved image of capitalism in this story isn’t really up to much.” Gregg Smith, Oh Yes It Is!***

“This book not only contains bad sex it is also the equivalent reading experience.” A Customer (not the same one, at least I don’t think so), Amazon.co.uk

So, many thanks to Lance for inviting me to co-write with him in the first place, to everyone who read the book, and here’s to a decade more of this kind of thing!


* I have to admit I didn’t need to look that one up, I had it memorised.
** We love you too, Richard! Shame Dreamwatch went down the toilet. Don’t blame us though.
*** Oh Yes It Is! was a fanzine devoted to the character of Bernice Summerfield, its title a spin on the title of Bernice creator Paul Cornell‘s panto pastiche Oh No It Isn’t!. Of the editorial team of Will Howells, Matt Michael and Eddie Robson, Matt has gone on to be one of the main reviewer’s for Doctor Who Magazine while Eddie is the current producer of the adventures of… Bernice Summerfield. Gregg’s review was entitled Blair Planet Marx, by the way.

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