July and August are quiet months, everyone is on holiday and nothing gets done.

Like fuck.

Currently juggling: a very busy phase of the day job; trying to find a new flat to rent; sorting and packing the accumulated contents of the rooms I’ve lived in for nearly nine years; a writing deadline next weekend; constant PC failures; wedding preparations (my own); wedding attendance (other peoples, but still time consuming, especially when the wedding is in a different country); and undoubtedly some other stuff I’ve forgotten.

Thanks to a double whammy of clueless estate agents and even more clueless prospective landlady, one flat has just fallen through, and the move is less imminent than it was. Which means I can concentrate on writing Unannounced Thing this weekend, with some minor packing for light relief, rather than feel I have to have everything crated by Sunday night.

Anyway, I’ve wisely used this precious first evening of this valuable, busy weekend time… to install the blog networks thing on Facebook, and throw this and a few other blogs into it. Time well spent.



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