Like 300, times two.

Blame James Moran for this. I don’t even know the guy, but in a blog post yesterday* he mentioned the Waterstones What’s Your Story competition, and that he’d entered it as a fun writing exercise.

A story in 600 characters, I thought. Not 600 words, 600 characters. I could do that. So, what with having some paid writing I work I was supposed to be doing instead, I did.

There’s no direct link, but if you go straight to the WYS site, click on Gallery at the top, you can view entries by surname and do a search for Clapham. I’m the only Clapham on there, so the only card that should pop up is my story, Damp.

I hope you enjoy it. I’ve tried to pack some considerable unpleasantness into a small number of characters.


* Moran’s blog is a really interesting insight into the life of a professional writer, btw. Highly recommended.


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