"Welcome to Africa…"

Well, thank fuck for that.

This new trailer goes some way to alleviating some of my concerns about Resident Evil 5 (concerns that you can find here, here and here, should you be interested). The introduction of a female black partner for Chris is a simple addition, but one which scrubs away some of the nasty colonial white-man-in-the-dark-continent implications of Mr Redfield’s African adventure.

What’s also interesting is that the trailer simultaneously suggests that there’s more to the local troubles than just the parasites (the missing link between the T-virus leeches/Progenitor virus and Las Plagas?) and their zombified cohorts – there seems to be some suggestion of political disturbance, at least. Political context in a Resident Evil game? Could be further trouble ahead…

As for the gameplay footage itself – fucking amazing. Can’t wait.


P.S. Limited updates at the moment as very very busy. And also lazy.


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