Parlez vous Franglais?

New, rather tasty details of the new Prince of Persia game are coming out thanks to a feature in French games mag Joypad. Euroshamer have a pictureless news item in near perfect English going through the main points, while the G4 forums have some screenshots and a franglais semi-translation of the text. The latter is certainly worth a look for more raw detail and the shots themselves.

I’m quietly optimistic from the pics and the description. I am not alone in thinking that Sands of Time was great, a game of rare charm and style, but that Warrior Within‘s charmless, truculent stylings and combat heavy gameplay put me right off the franchise. The new PoP‘s cel-shading and gameplay focussed on movement (Sands of Time and Assassin’s Creed demonstrate that this branch of Ubi can do gymnastic exploration like no one else) look very, very promising.



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