A Little Xmas #23

Ooops. Life got in the way, and I didn’t get around to doing an ALX last week.

Well, life and Bioshock. No-one else was going to liberate Rapture, so it fell to me. I succeeded, but having been all good first time around, I’ve started again with a determination to see what happens if I follow the path of the bastard.

Anyway, in comics tomorrow: the two ,major crossovers continue with Messiah Complex continuing in New X-Men and Ra’s Al Ghul’s resurrection rolling on in Detective Comics. Meanwhile everything goes tits up in a well-publicised bloodbath about to hit The Walking dead, The Spirit continues towards Darwyn Cooke’s departure, The Umbrella Academy continues with art by Gabriel Ba while his brother Fabio Moon illustrates the latest Casanova. All this, and Captain America is still dead and Hawaiian Dick is attempting to be an ongoing -ambitious considering the schedule of the last mini-series.

Oh, and now something different: a Shiny review of Time Crash, the Doctor Who special for Children in Need.



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