"Welcome to the circus of values!"

I was going to write something (attempting to be) insightful about Bioshock, probably blathering on about the splendid art-decay aesthetic, or the nods to Ayn Rand in the character of Andrew Ryan, or the way that the objectivist underpinning to the game resolves the difficulties of creating convincing conversations with non-player-characters by having an entire society of mad, selfish bastards who are at most only partially talking to your character, so absorbed are they in their own obsessive delusions. There’s a lot to talk about in this game.

Instead, I’ll just let this fact speak for itself – this is the second night running I’ve gone to bed at half three in the morning after a mammoth session playing this game.

On Friday I started at midnight, whereas yesterday (Saturday) I actually started rather earlier, shortly after ten pm. Yes, I have counted those hours. Tonight I actually have the sound of the alarm cameras in Rapture echoing in my ears. I will probably dream of the underwater city, the spider splicers, the big daddies and the little sisters.



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