A Little Xmas #22

Some things we have to learn the hard way – one of these hard facts is that occasionally advance solicitations cruelly lie to us. Last week was a much bigger week than I was expecting. Will tomorrow’s comics, as described below, be accurate? Fuck knows.

It’s a heavy Marvel week, with Buffy the only title I’m buying from a different publisher. Sales of Season 8 have held up impressively post-Whedon, but Brian K Vaughn’s story arc, complete with cartoon toffs, is definitely a notch down from Whedon’s opener, and the excellent one-off The Chain.

Elsewhere, there’s a shitload of Marvel, mostly from the Brubaker/Fraction double-headed writer beast. Between them these guys dominate any list of Marvel’s best current titles. Together they write tomorrow’s The Immortal Iron Fist #10, while Brubaker continues the Lawless story in Criminal #10 and Fraction has The Order #4 – all good books.

Also at Marvel Bendis/Reed/Cheung wrap up their long delayed New Avengers: Illuminati mini-series, the super fun Modok’s 11 mini also wraps, and Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple continue their intriguingly indie take on Omega the Unknown.



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