Umbrella Chronicles + Bioshock

This week Kotaku has kindly provided two trailers for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, in the run-up to the release of the on-rails zapper for Wii. I’m kind of torn on this one – on one hand it features a lot of loving recreations of favourite locations and scenarios from various Resi games, and production values are clearly superb (too good, in the case of the voice acting – Jill and Carlos aren’t really themselves without the ludicrously B-movie performances), and if I can dredge my way through Outbreak File 2‘s revisiting of the RCPD station then I’ll doubtless get something out of Chronicles. On the other hand, the gameplay itself looks very, very standard lightgun-style shooting, with minimal interaction other than point, pull-trigger, point, pull-trigger. Chronicles could end up feeling like the world’s flashiest flash game, an overblown version of the click on monster shooters you find on promotional websites.

I guess I’ve been spoiled lately for shooters. While Steve’s 360 was away being fixed I got some quality time in with his copies of Halo 3 and Bioshock. The former’s multiplayer is the most fun I’ve had with split-screen deathmatch since the original Perfect Dark, while Bioshock is just tremendous – a story driven horror-FPS set in a dilapidated underwater art deco kingdom. Bioshock really raises the bar for this kind of game, excelling in terms of atmosphere and narrative. Oh, and unlike Steve I’ve opted to take the path of good, saving the Little Sisters rather than killing them for their supplies of precious Adam. Never let it be said I’m unwilling to head for the moral high ground.



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