A Little Xmas #21

Super super cheap week this week: only Batman #670 (with Grant Morrison kicking off the return of Ra’s Al Ghul, what seems like only 30 seconds after Greg Rucka killed him off) and Marvel churning out a Daredevil Annual of which, frankly, I know nothing about (a quick google reveals that its a standalone Brubaker story, 48 pages – nice).

I’m glad to have a cheap one, to be honest, as I had a minor revelation about the average nature of a lot of what I’m reading. This weekend one of my flatmates returned to me a huge stack of recent comics that I’d lent him to read over the previous couple of months. Now, week-by-week, these hadn’t seemed that much – but piled up and returned in one go, Jesus, what a load of mediocrity. Seeing, say, a stack of recent issues of Superman and Action Comics brought home the fact that, yes, they were quite entertaining, and decent as these things go – but none of them were particularly essential. This leaves me in a poor mood towards mediocre comics, and determined to, if not stick exactly to the A-list, at least restrict the amount of B-list stuff I allow in my reading diet.


Update: Duh, I forgot X-Men: Messiah Complex. Considering my current stance against comics that are anything less than A++, this is going to need to be pretty impressive to keep me on board for the crossover…


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