A Little Xmas #20

It’s been a great week. I’ve gotten engaged, and we’ve both been bombarded with good wishes from friends and family. All great!

However, having been typing messages all evening, I’m now wiped. So my list of comics purchases for tomorrow will be in the most truncated form. And alphabetical, cos that’s easier:

Action Comics #857 – Are we still on Bizarro World? I forget. One to cross off the pull list after Powell’s run is finished, I think.
Annihilation Conquest: Wraith #4 – The only one of this crossover I’m reading. The combination of X-GM writing, Sook drawing and the cosmic setting is an interesting one.
Blue Beetle #28 – Good Tex-Mex teen superhero book.
Casanova #10 – One of the best comics around. Genius.
Daredevil #101 – Brubaker’s Cap may be getting all the attention, but his and Lark’s DD holds up well against the preceding Bendis/Maleev run.
Green Arrow: Year One #6 – I love the numbering of books which have numbers in the title.
Hellblazer #237 – I can’t stop ‘hearing’ the villainous toff in this arc talking like Stewie Griffin.
Moon Knight #13 – New co-writer. I didn’t understand the end of the last story arc. I may well be thick.
Superman #669 – Benefit of the doubt has been extended for The Third Kryptonian, even though Busiek had to jump through hoops to explain why all the other Kryptonians we’ve seen lately don’t count.
Superman/Batman #41 – Alan Burnett’s arc has been super-solid so far, although it’s still hard to imagine that a few years ago this title challenged Justice League as lynchpin of the DCU.
Ultimate Spider-Man #115 – Trying to review this book is like trying to do a critical appraisal of Weetabix. It’s always there, it’s always good. What else matters?
The Walking Dead #43 – Amazing, amazing ending to the last issue. This book and Casanova fight it out in my mind as best ongoing series of the moment. I don’t want to choose and, thankfully, I don’t have to.
X-Men #204 – Slouching towards Messiah Complex, waiting to crossover.

Quite a week.



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