A Little Xmas #19

It’s another quiet week, but this time a mostly positive one.

The least interesting books are probably the biggest – team titles Mighty Avengers and Justice League of America, both of which have been solid of late but… if I can’t remember what the last thing to happen in either title was, that’s not a good sign now, is it?

Marvel come out with two excellent, although very different, titles. Captain America is a great book right now, albeit a tad disadvantaged by the extent to which readers will be counting down to January and the debut of the new Cap, while Marvel Zombies 2 sequelises Robert Kirkman’s only real hit as a Marvel writer, abetted by the ever-brilliant Sean Phillips on art.

Rounding things off are a couple of good Dark Horse books, continuing the company’s recent resurgence: Rex Mundi continues to give conspiracy theories and alt-histories a good name with it’s dense, thoughtful writing and elegant art, while The Umbrella Academy is on course to be one of this year’s best new titles, with sharp, inventive writing from Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Ba building his rep even further after his great work on Casanova.

So, quite a bit of interest. And if you need something else to read, me missus did wrote a review.



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