A Little Xmas #18

Yesterday, I had two curries in the space of one day. This is not advisable, but nonetheless I survived. I am strong!

This week is a super-short comics week for me, which is good as I’m still buried in unread trade paperbacks and comics (as well as unread proper books).

So… I’m only buying one book from DC (Green Arrow/Black Canary #1, following on from the bizarre wedding special with its sleazecake artwork and tonally odd ending), one book from Marvel (New Avengers #35 – I’m not the only one enjoying all the chat and character stuff far more than all this The Hood nonsense, am I?), one Vertigo book (Un-Men #3, which is still holding my interest but could still drop off the radar) and one trade paperback (the latest volume of Powers).

I might buy Superman #668 depending on content – it’s another book where the end of a story has been bumped to a forthcoming annual/special, and they’re jumping forward to start the next arc. I might consider reading The Last Kryptonian, but I’m damned if I’m touching another Countdown tie-in. Yecchhh.



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