A Little Xmas #17

Last Thursday night I spent a monstrous 2 hours 45 minute train journey doing nothing but reading comics, and still had a couple of titles from my weekly stash to read the next day. Oh, and there were no GNs in the pile, just standard comics (with a couple of annuals). Huge.

This week, less so. Far less so. Who knows, I might even get some writing done on the train when I take the same trip tomorrow.

(Pause for hollow laughter.)

Anyway, tomorrow there’s the second part of the Donner/Johns/Powell Bizarro story in Action Comics, which in any earlier year would have seized the mantle of Best Bizarro Story Ever. But this one came out the same year as the Morrison/Quitely Bizarro world story in All-Star Superman, so is lucky to be the best Bizarro story with an issue out this week. Sucks to be in the shadow of a master, doesn’t it? Go in the corner and cry with all the writers who’ve attempted to revive Doom Patrol in the last fifteen years, losers.

Anyway, there’s also another Dini Detective Comics from DC, but little else of interest to me: the second part of Brian K Vaughn’s Buffy arc, which makes me question that the guy has ever been to the UK when I saw him in Bristol with my own eyes, and the penultimate issue of the rather fun Super Villain Team-Up: Modok’s 11. Who doesn’t love Modok? It’s the little arms that do it. Heheh.



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