A Little Xmas #16

It’s a big week, which is fine by me as I’ve got a long train journey tomorrow.

Robert Kirkman’s Astounding Wolf-Man reaches #3, and so far it’s been another strong creator owned Image book from Kirkman, harking back to 70s Marvel horror/superhero hybrid books like Tomb of Dracula – bold, gory and creative. Not quite up to Walking Dead/Invincible standards, but better than most of his Marvel work and well worth getting the first trade when it arrives.

DC’s highlight of the week is another Morrison Batman, concluding the gorgeous JH Williams illustrated arc with the international batmen. There have been some stunning pages here, writing and art nimbly jumping from straightforward heroics to Arkham Asylum levels of intricacy and back again. Also at DC, Allan Heinberg’s arc finally concludes with Wonder Woman Annual #1, Dwayne McDuffie starts his writing duties on Justice League of America, moves closer to Darwyn Cooke’s pre-mourned departure as writer/artist, The Spirit, Green Arrow: Year One gets into the last third (and passing its originally scheduled 4 issue run), and Blue Beetle continues to amble on in its own inoffensive, jolly way, which is a victory in itself in a climate of offensive, miserable DC books (although to be fair, not this week).

Marvel have a double dose of Brubaker/Fraction Immortal Iron Fist with the latest regular issue and an annual. An even more unlikely revival than Moon Knight, Iron Fist has so far been endless fun – how cool were all those other champions last issue? Fraction also has a third issue of The Order out tomorrow, another fine Marvel book – others have tried to do the celebrity/reality show take on the superhero team, but Fraction has managed to do it without lapsing into leaden satire and with some real characterisation. X-Men #203 continues to lurch towards the big Messiah Complex crossover, and out in the sub-imprints the Osborn revenge story continues in Ultimate Spider-Man, which has survived Mark Bagley’s departure remarkably well, and over at Icon Brubaker and Phillips continue the Lawless storyline in Criminal.

Not a bad haul, really.



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