A Little Xmas #15

Today’s choice comics are:

Captain America #30 – In Brubaker we trust.

Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special – It’s all been quite fun, and for long time GA fans like myself getting the payoff to one of comics’ longest courtships is very sweet, but do DC really think that sales on Black Canary/Green Arrow are going to be anything other than exactly the same as the previous Green Arrow series within 3 issues?

Hellblazer #236 – Diggle knows what he’s doing here. The resurgent Constantine versus killer chavs controlled by some monstrous toff. Good stuff. The Inspector Constantine scene last issue was priceless.

Irredeemable Ant-Man #12 – On the down side, this series is over. On the plus side, apparently Ant-Man is going to be in Avengers: The Initiative, so I might have to catch up with that. Still no sign of Kirkman having a successful Marvel book that doesn’t include zombies, alas.

Penance: Relentless #1 – No way am I buying this, but the very idea of this series is inherently entertaining. Bondage angsty Speedball action! Can writer Paul Jenkins make this work?*

Superman/Batman #40 – I have to admit to only really buying this from vestigial Alan Burnett loyalty. I miss Batman: The Animated Series. Sigh. What were we talking about again?

Wasteland #12 – Things seem to be building to a few shocks in this title. While I’m enjoying the book, a shake-up would not go amiss after a good run of issues of feudalism, brutality and hints at healing powers. It’s all been very dramatic, but a few more revelations and a break in the torment might be nice.

And that’s this week. Relatively quiet, some solid books but nothing too amazing.


* No, he can’t.


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